It is not uncommon for patients who have had bariatric surgery to relapse and regain the weight. Statistics show that up to one in five people undergoing weight loss surgery regain weight within several years. This phenomenon is more common after adjustable Gastric banding but can happen after other operations as well, although to a less extent. Today we will be talking about bariatric revision surgery.

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One would think that reducing the stomach size through weight loss surgery would ensure permanent results. Unfortunately, it is not that easy and is a bit more complicated than that. Many factors can cause individuals to gain weight after bariatric surgery, and sometimes it is simply because the surgery did not fit the patient’s needs. To understand why, we should look at how weight loss surgery works.

Usually, bariatric surgery patients will see significant weight loss in the first several months. Much of this can be attributed to the hormonal changes induced by the operations but is, in some parts, due to the smaller stomach size, the body having to heal from surgery, and the restricted diet patients must follow. The human metabolism can speed up or slow down, adapting to change as part of the body’s natural preservation ability.

The body may even alter the reconfigured stomach and digestive system after the surgery, or individuals may over-eat and stretch out their smaller stomach, which allows them to continue to overeat. If this happens and the stomach stretches, then most of the benefits of bariatric surgery will be gone. Sometimes the disease obesity, is just too powerful and may make a comeback.

These issues can cause weight to regain or prevent a patient from losing weight in the first place, causing them to seek out Dr. Sumit Talwar, the best Bariatric Surgeon in Bangalore for a solution. Sometimes, the surgery previously performed causes unpleasant complications that the patient cannot tolerate, so they return to their doctor for help. Often, bariatric revision surgery is the answer and will help facilitate weight loss and alleviate unpleasant symptoms.

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