A mini gastric bypass is a surgical procedure to treat obesity that involves making a long tube of your stomach to facilitate early satiety and bypassing a section of your intestine to limit food absorption. As with the sleeve procedure, a reduction in the size of the stomach restricts the amount of food intake and appetite.

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Mini Gastric Bypass has similar or even better long-term weight loss results than the Gastric Sleeve and Roux-en-Y and Gastric Bypass. The surgery is done via a Robotic assistance and typically involves 2-3 days in the hospital. Whilst the Mini Gastric Bypass is still more invasive than Sleeve Surgery, it is less invasive than the standard Gastric Bypass


Robotic, small incisions

The gastric pouch is constructed similarly to a sleeve gastrectomy but not as long. The small bowel is then measured 150-200cm downstream and joined to the end of the gastric pouch.


  • Robotic procedure so less invasive
  • Limits the amount of food ingested and also the calories absorbed
  • Increases intestinal production of GLP-1 which stimulates insulin release and is more potent for a diabetes cure
  • Ability to eat bread and meat is a little easier
  • A little more weight loss than sleeve
  • Potentially reversible


  • High BMI >45
  • Diabetics
  • Prior gastric banding
  • Patient preference
  • Revision Procedure

The mini-gastric bypass (MGB) has proven to be a safe, rapid, and effective weight-loss procedure. However, as with all abdominal operations, complications may still occur and should be prevented if possible and treated appropriately. Contact Dr. Sumit Talwar, the best mini-gastric bypass surgery in Bangalore for the solution.

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