Revisional weight loss surgery can repair areas altered during a previous bariatric procedure but stretch out. It can also be used to convert one kind of operation to another, more effective one, or, “adjust” the previous operation to make it more or less powerful.

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During all bariatric surgeries, the stomach size is made significantly smaller (into a pouch-like sleeve) to restrict the amount of food the patient can eat. Over time, this smaller stomach pouch can stretch out from overeating, or sometimes it results from the body’s natural ability to heal and adapt to changes.

Once the stomach capacity has been increased, the patient can eat more; they feel incomplete as fast and stay satisfied as long. Weight loss revision surgery can be performed to correct the areas that have become stretched out and restore the restrictive properties of the original weight loss surgery.

Most commonly adjustable gastric banding is revised to either a gastric sleeve or a bypass. Less often a sleeve or a bypass needs to be revised due to inadequate weight loss and weight regain. Sometimes these operations need to be revised to address the problem of excessive weight loss or intolerable, unpleasant complications. Contact Dr. Sumit Talwar. the best Bariatric Surgeon in Bangalore for the best revision of previous weight loss surgery.

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